Help tips to get your quick-started.

Joining our contests

  • to join simply comment an Instagram image with our contest hashtags.
  • no need for any registration.
  • do need an Instagram account. But hey, you can freely setup one in a minute!

Posting from phone

Install Instagram app (android) (iphone), if you don’t have it already.

  • write a real proper caption with no hashtags
  • comment your post with max 7 hashtags
  • use (a) not (à). So cittastudi, not cittàstudi
  • post an image already on your Instagram just by commenting it with our contest hashtag.

Posting from desktop

No phone? no problems, let’s hack:

Working with Instagram photos

Handy list of tools to work like a pro with crowdsourced photos.

Note: IFTTT Recipes wont grab already posted shots, only new ones. Hurry up, setup your Recipe now…
To grab already posted shots use 4K Stogram


  • Just get a shot?
  • Or get a good shot?!
  • Understand when the spot is best lit. Try different hours in the day.
  • Frame subject with no useless elements around it.
  • Try at least 3 different angles. Post the one that speaks louder.